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1997 Horseback Run

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You are the music...while the music lasts.

-T.S. Elliot

Upcoming Dates

7/17:  Instrument Appointments

7/18:  Instrument Appointments

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2017-2018 Band Handbook

The first grade for band students will be for students to compete the agreement form at the end of this year’s band handbook.  A copy is provided below for your convenience.

2017-2018 Band Handbook

Countdown to Summer

Congratulations to our All-District Students

Congratulations to the following students for an outstanding performance at this year’s VBODA District IV All-District Band

Wesley Tillman - 9th Chair Clarinet

Annalise Thapaliya - 13th Chair Clarinet

Jenna Lyons - 20th Chair Clarinet

Lystyn White - 2nd Chair Tenor Sax

Ethan Riddle - 5th Chair Horn

Steven Reedus - 7th Chair Trombone

Hayden McMurry - 5th Chair Baritone

Jordan Husk - 6th Chair Percussion

A Welcome Letter to our incoming transition students

8th Grade Band Earns Superior

Congratulations to our 8th Grade Band for achieving a rating of Superior at this year’s VBODA Concert Band Assessment.  This is the 8th year in a row that the 8th grade band has earned this honor.  We are proud of your accomplishments, and are excited to see even more progress from your next performance. 

Congratulations to our All-City Students

Congratulations to the following students for an outstanding performance at this year’s 6th Grade All-City Band

Alayna Boyer - Flute

Makayla Chumura - Flute

Alyssa Whitley - Flute

Garett Boe - Clarinet

Briseis Bradley - Clarinet

Meghan Johns - Clarinet

Emmy Lee - Clarinet

Chloe Pitre - Clarinet

Amina Bracey - Alto Sax

Jarrell Jiminez - Alto Sax

Samantha Bustarde - Trumpet

Josalin Cataquet - Trumpet

Landon May - Trumpet

Kaden Mundt - Trombone

Avery Rinschler - Trombone

Madison Jefferies - Percussion

Julianne Pacey - Percussion

Congratulations to our Students of the Year

Justin Burkhardt - Percussion, Bell 2

Jenna Lyons - Clarinet, Bell 3

Steven Givens Reedus - Trombone, Bell 4

Avery Marable - Flute, Bell 5

Alexis Gladhill - Tuba, Bell 6

Owen Ambrose - Oboe, Bell 7

Amina Bracey - Alto Sax, Bell 7 Allen

Rising 6th Grade Instrument Appointments